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Championing sustainability through the spirit of sport.


It’s time to go beyond reduce, reuse, recycle.

In today’s world, where people buy 60% more clothes and items are only used seven times on average, the sports industry faces an even greater challenge. Every season, leagues, clubs and athletes all over the world discard used sports equipment, contributing to a growing waste problem. The Major League Soccer alone goes through 12,800 pairs of boots and 5,400 balls a year. Traditional recycling and donation methods fall short due to the variety of materials involved.


Harnessing the power of sports to drive change.

(re)boot was born to eliminate waste in the sports industry and keep gear in play for longer, by collecting used materials from professional clubs and transforming them into new products. AKQA Bloom, like (re)boot, is committed to sustainability, innovation and the transformative power of inspiration.
(re)boot and AKQA Bloom are showing the sports industry that harnessing the power of passion and purpose is possible. Not only is waste being reduced by upcycling worn sports equipment, but the power and influence of these clubs is leveraged to drive real change, using their platforms to inspire fans and ignite a movement towards sustainability. With every piece created, this partnership is revolutionising the sports industry and making a positive impact on our planet.

Visual identity

Born through deconstruction and reconstruction.

(re)boot’s visual identity is a reflection of a unique approach to sustainability. Through the art of deconstruction and reconstruction, new life is breathed into the worn sports equipment, turning discarded gear into statement pieces with visually captivating forms and textures. The logo and name symbolise the transformative power of rebooting, reinventing and reimagining. Every visual element presented embodies a commitment to sustainability and innovation, inviting others to see the potential in repurposing.

Our first partnership

(re)boot x Inter Miami

To launch (re)boot, a partnership was formed with Inter Miami. Club–discarded kits and gear were used to create the first initiatives to move the Major League Soccer towards a circular model for waste.
To emulate a model for circular waste, (re)boot partnered with designer Justin Mensinger to create a new collection for Inter Miami’s Academy, turning used professional jerseys into kits for the future generation of the game. The kits were launched at an official match walkout with the players.
Adult kits were also made. The youth and adult collections have created a system that can be applied to any team across leagues and sports.

(re)boot is working with artist Freehand Profit for the second year of partnership to develop Inter Miami’s first mascot made entirely of repurposed club materials.


A collaborative partnership system with endless possibilities.

This partnership establishes a new legacy of sustainability for both Inter Miami and the Major League Soccer – with more to come during the 2024 pre-season.
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“Athletes and their clubs carry some of the most influential voices in the world; our aim is to leverage the fandom and passion they inspire to build an action plan for a sustainable, and exciting future within the soccer industry.”
Gabriella Mas, Founder, (re)boot

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