Coeval Magazine

  • Aniek Stroeken
  • Miranda Balfe
  • Kate Kidney Bishop

creative studio | brand collaborations | interviews | fashion week publications A series of projects together with Coeval Magazine. We teamed up with designers, artists, musicians and film makers to create editorial publications. We conducted interviews with each artist edited in a social media and digital friendly way adapting to internet’s fast pace and short attention span. Besides the magazine, we developed a studio format with which we collaborated with brands on creative and advertorial projects. For the studio we developed online and social channels. featured collaborations: Annakiki, Arthur Arbesser, Ninamounah, Maison The Faux, Ryan Hawaii, Di Du, Yeha Leung, Nathalie Nguyen, Anton Belinskiy, Lutz Huelle, Sarah Nicole Francois, Yuen Hsieh, Louis Gabriel Nouchi, Hangar, Micol Ragni, Arash Fakhim