Creative Space Journal

  • Lucy Irving

We all need a creative space: a blank canvas where we can doodle our masterpieces; a white page where we can jot down our innermost thoughts; a secret place where we can unleash our wildest imaginings and let them roam free for a while. And what could be finer than finding that creative space populated by flights of fancy that help stir those very doodles, scribbles and imaginings? The Creative Space Journal is a journal through 100 art projects, offering prompts and projects, sparks and nudges, ideas and inspirations for activities to reflect, enhance or change your mood. Its pages present beautifully illustrated exercises designed to add some art and mischief to your world, and to make your life more imaginative and inventive. They are surrounded by frames and spaces, lines and bullets, where you can record your adventures. The journal provides a safe place where you can retreat and allow your creativity to flourish. Organised to reflect your head space - Happy, Sad, Angry, Relaxed, Playful, Bored, Wired or Sleepy - it's the perfect companion to dip in and out of, explore by mood or fill with your creativity from cover to cover. Travel into your creative space, and create a journal that is uniquely yours.