• J Saint-Claire

FEVER is a fly-through rendering of an imaginary social space in Soho, London, which debuted at the London Design Festival. As populated as London is, it can be terribly lonely, but what if we could connect people by giving them something beautiful that they naturally gather around. FEVER is my idea of Beautiful – inspired by many of the places, designers, films, friends, & memories that mean the most to me. The multi-programatic aggregation of space, coupled with a flow of events, shrinks the threshold between stranger & friend, prompting interaction through design. People enter as strangers & leave as something, anything, else. FEVER is made possible through the generous support of iRender who donated the use of their powerful computers to make my vision a reality. The CRT monitors on which the film is displayed were donated anonymously on behalf of The Centre for Computing History. Thank you to everyone who was a part of this project! In Alphabetical Order: Carmen Vidal - Project Consultant Deirdre Dunham - Arcade Ceiling Lights Gigi Gregory - Art for the Rug Isabel Ramirez - Arcade Game Side Art Mary Royall Wilgis - Colour Palette Consulting Nino Chambers - Folding Chair Raphael Duran - Barber Chairs Yousef Almana - Drink Carts

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