Marianna Michael

Marianna Michael

Writer & ProducerUnited Kingdom
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Marianna Michael

Marianna Michael

Writer & ProducerUnited Kingdom
About me
Freelance Features Editor. Theatre Consultant. Fashion/Theatre/Film Writer. Screenwriter. Content, Production and always searching for the intersection between Creativity and AI as I help to facilitate inspiring connections and support thought-provoking content. Found writing in corners surrounded by plants🪴 👋🏽 Hi, I'm Marianna (she/her), a writer & creative with a background in the creative & visual arts. I’ve got a back catalog spanning the across the arts, design and creative industries; having worked on a variety of small scale and large scale projects that often challenge and explore intersections between mediums as well as pushing the boundaries of single industries to get the most out of any project, brand, company or idea (even the really tiny ones!) 🖊 Published Writer 🖋 📍 London, UK
  • Crow, Plague, Fire
    Crow, Plague, FireComing Autumn 2023 I'm thrilled to announce my support for an incredible exhibition this coming autumn by artist Barbara Hope Steinberg. Instagram @crowplaguefire
  • You're somebody else's competition
    You're somebody else's competitionAs I welcome my new mentees this season, I wanted to share a thought that caused a storm in last autumn’s mentee group session with DMU. YOU’RE SOMEBODY ELSE’S COMPETITION, I think, is one of the best things I share with every mentee I take on. Why? Because it helps reframe the idea of how people potentially see you, and therefore how you see yourself. #Mentoring #MentoringMatters #Education #Mentor #CareerDevelopment #CareerCoach #CareerCoachingTips #Freelancing101
  • Food Projects
    Food ProjectsCertainly not my natural habitat when it comes to creative projects; but one that I am so glad I embarked on today (and not just because I got to drink coffee in the back of an artisan bakery all afternoon!) It’s great to take chances especially when supporting small and independent businesses in their infancy. I can’t wait to watch this brand grow and develop as time passes and proud that I’ve been a tiny cog in this very sweet wheel. #FoodPhotography #Artisan #SupportSmallBusiness #Suppor
  • ( YOU ) ARE . ENOUGH
    ( YOU ) ARE . ENOUGHIn addition to the everyday pressure of been enough, when you lose someone to suicide you can be left feeling like you weren’t enough. Suicide loss can make you feel like you weren’t enough; enough to help the person you lost or even save them. We want to tell people that this isn’t true, they were not responsible and any feelings of guilt and low self-worth are not theirs to carry. We want to remind people that you are enough, and sometimes a physical reminder to reiterate this is the best ap
  • Northern Fashion Week 2022
    Northern Fashion Week 2022Marianna Michael, Lead Producer & Project Manager ✨ 4 stages, 55+ speakers & panels -Initial design and development - Location scouting - Contractor Development -Developing concepts and ideas -Budget responsibility -Floorplans (Autocad) -Supervise and coordinate all aspects of NFW -Overseeing operations / liaising with event contractors -Maintaining the visual and moral integrity of NFW -Coordinating Technical and Production Aspects -Scheduling daily catwalks -Scheduling hourly speaker
  • Barbara Hope Steinberg : The First Instalment
    Barbara Hope Steinberg : The First InstalmentHappy to release a short film on artist Barbara Hope Steinberg (@barbarasteinberg) as we work towards a documentary to be released Spring/Summer 2021. A film by Marianna Michael (@mariannamic1) with music by Jake Bradford-Sharp (@JakeB_Sharp) Stay tuned:
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    Admin (Classical Music)Premier Comms
    London, United KingdomPart Time
    London, United KingdomFreelance
    Planning, developing and producing the charity's first brand physical event. Attendance 150+ people Developed partnerships with Foundpop, Olly's, Marlow London and other brands Overseeing operations and logistics
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