Path to progress

Breaking down the barriers between us and a greener future.


Reaching global climate goals can seem incredibly complex.

While Europe’s green energy industry has the know-how to realise a greener future, progress can be deadlocked by administrative procedures and policies.

Ahead of Wind Europe in Copenhagen, the world’s largest green energy event, the Danish wind energy company Ørsted sought to illuminate what it takes to get Europe to its green transition and how we can get there sooner.

Ørsted challenged Wind Europe attendees and policymakers to rethink and together reshape what a greener Europe can look like.

Created by AKQA in collaboration with Universal Design Studio, an interactive maze highlights the obstacles posed by the current state of excessive rule-making on the road to creating meaningful change.
Going through the maze, you are met with realities of bureaucracy and policymaking, which you can then physically push aside to open the path to progress. Educational and empowering at the same time, the maze is shows what is achievable.
Beyond the maze, the experience stretched across digital, OOH and social to invite everyone to take simple steps towards a sound and sustainable Europe.


Mirroring Ørsted’s ambition towards a better future for humanity, the experience was met with universal acclaim from policymakers from all over the world.

Over time, the maze itself amassed visitors from influential decision-makers, politicians and industry experts, including HRH Crown Prince Frederik of Denmark.
With the initiative, the path to progress has been opened. Will we follow?