Ten Ways to Make Today Great

  • Sinéad Molloy

Every year on the 19th of Feb Boob HQ shuts its doors and our team take the day off to do something that we love. It’s in everyone’s contracts and CoppaFeel!’s way of marking the anniversary of our founder Kris’ cancer diagnosis (her ‘cancerversary’). This February marked 10 years since Kris was diagnosed with incurable breast cancer, after repeatedly visiting her GP over several months about her lumpy boob. Her eventual late diagnosis would be the catalyst behind setting up CoppaFeel!, so that others could learn from her story. As well as campaigning to bring breast awareness to young people, Kris has been vocal in trying to open up an alternative dialogue about what it means to live with cancer. Specifically, that it is possible to really LIVE with cancer, and to thrive. To commemorate Kris’ cancerversary, we wanted to surprise her with a video that celebrated her ‘make every day great’ philosophy. The goal was to prompt our audience to think about all the small ways they can make the most of each day, articulated with footage of Kris and her experiences over the last ten years. In addition to this, we collaborated with 8 outdoor to bring a little bit of Kris' life advice to billboards across the UK, on the day of her cancerversary. Because everyone needs a little reminder to seize the day (and their boobs).