The Happy Hour Podcast

  • Emma Taylor
  • Jess Pitman

I'm Emma. I love cocktails with friends but I'm definitely no mixologist and I'm not exactly an interviewer. I'm Just a girl that went to a lot of happy hours and met a lot of friends along the way. For me a big way to keep a busy week of stress at bay is to meet up for some fun with friends and chat it out. I always leave feeling like I'm back to happy… back to me, taking their amazing advice, with the power to tackle anything life throws at me. Obviously, a glass of something bubbly helps too! After not seeing people for a while, I'm excited to catch up with some friends and see what they've been up to, have excellent conversations. And I’m hoping to pick up some cocktail making skills along the way. In the upcoming episodes, I'll be having a happy hour with friends old and new. We'll have a drink, attempt some mixology, share advice and share some personal stories. Because the best stories happen at happy hour…and you’re invited too! Cocktails or mocktails, it doesn't matter. Everything can be solved over a drink with a friend.